Game of Thrones Final Episode

The day we waited for (or didn’t wait for) for so long is just around the corner. Within hours, the final episode of the show we liked so much is about to be aired. This will be the end of the theories, end of the expectations, end of the show, probably not the end of new Game of Thrones merchandise. The internet is full with different opinions of the final season. Some love it, some hate it. Even among our readers, it seems we don’t agree about it. At least based on the Game of Thrones poll we recently had. 

We will not attempt to tell you whether you should love it or hate it, but we will represent our opinion here at the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. We wrote a little about it after the fourth episode of the eighth season, where we explained why we think Game of Thrones lost its edge and is no longer the great show it used to be. That post ended with hope. Hope that the show we really, really loved, will give us some enjoyable moments. That’s it. A simple request. Unfortunately, we believe that this didn’t happen. Although the fifth episode got a slightly better IMDB rating (6.7) than its predecessor (6.1), we think that in the overall Game of Thrones episodes, this one was the worse. Not to mention, historically on this show, the second to last episode of the season is usually the best of the season. See: Ned’s beheading, the Battle of Blackwater, the Red Wedding, the Battle of the Bastards and so on.

Here are some of the things that we believe were done badly and not aligned with the previous 7 seasons. 

  • Arya suddenly agrees with The Hound that she should abandon her revenge to kill Cersei and go back home. Arya wanted to kill Cersei for years. She did unspeakable things in order to get to that point. Suddenly she quits?
  • Drogon is maneuvering between all the dozens of scorpion arrows while managing to burn them all (pun intended). Where were you on the previous episode?
  • And another thing about Drogon. Doesn’t it make sense that he will run out of breath/fire?
  • How did Arya and The Hound managed to go into the city so easily? If they were able to do that, why didn’t they send some more soldiers to kill Cersei?
  • Jaime goes into the red keep via a secret entrance. A secret entrance from an open space that no one knows about but was used multiple times in the show. 
  • Arya survives the destruction. 
  • Daenerys turns from a savior to a destroyer just because she didn’t eat lunch and her nephew doesn’t want to sleep with her.

So that was some of the bad. But this could have been better if they would have used some more appropriate methods to support the overall plot (Daenerys goes bad).  Here are some alternatives for the events in that episode. Some of them could have worked together, some could not.

  • Euron kills Jaime, Arya finds his body and takes his face to meet Cersei as Jaime.
  • Arya sees Jaime and Cersei together, tries to kill Cersei but Jaime kills her first. Then as he looks at Cersei, the ceiling collapse on her. Making him watch the woman he loves dies as he stands there alone.
  • Some unnoticed scorpion manged to shoot down Drogon as he burns the city before Daenerys gets to the Red Keep.
  • Jon Snow climbs to the top of one building to attempt to stop Drogon and Daenerys. Then:
    • He is killed by the dragon’s fire.
    • He is not killed by the dragon’s fire because he is a Targaryen.
    • Drogon stops because it sees him.
    • Daenerys stops because she sees him.
  • Something with Bran?
  • Maybe spend another episode and show how Daenerys is losing her mind?
  • Maybe Jon Snow can try to stop Daenerys instead of just saying “She is my Queen” looking all brooding?

So how will it all end? It’s anyone’s guess now. Unfortunately, it looks like our will to guess is decreasing during this season. We didn’t want it to end. But now, we can’t wait for it to finish. We could have handled the show ended with the triumph of the good or the bad. But bad ending wasn’t what we expected.