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Now, as we countdown to Season 8 of Game of Thrones, let’s look on the episodes we had so far.

Note: the list of episodes is updated but the statistics will be updated at the end of the season.

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  • Game of Thrones first episode was aired on: April 17th 2011
    It’s almost hard to believe it but Game of Thrones was aired for close to a decade. The eight and last season is going to be aired 9 years after we first got to know the intrigue filled world of Westeros.

First episode

  • Number of episodes so far: 67
    When Game of Thrones season 8 was announced it was known it will have 6 episodes. While this is much less then we used to get with the first 6 seasons that had 10 episodes each, season 7 already had only 7 episodes so it was clear that the end was close :-(. Therefore, the show will have a total number of 73 episodes.
  • Total average rating: 9.5
    Amazing! There is probably no other word to describe this phenomenon. Based on IMDB information, this show was rated over 1.3 million times (true to end of 2018). It has a weighted average of 9.5 and it is currently one of the top three highest rated shows (all three have an average of 9.5). Game of Thrones has an arithmetic average of 9.3 and median of  10! Wow!
  • The season with the highest average rating: Season 4
    Surprisingly, the season that got the highest average rating (average of all the rating for that season) is season 4. The reason it is surprising, is because this season doesn’t contain any of the highest rated episodes (see below).
  • The season with the lowest average rating: Season 6
    Sadly, the despite the great anticipation and maybe due to great expectations, the last season of the show wasn’t a successful one, at least according to many of the viewers. Fan believed that the characters didn’t get the screen time and attention they deserved after building them up for seven seasons.
  • First episode got rating of: 9.0
    The show took off with a great start sweeping fans from across the world.
  • The episodes that got the highest rating are:
    • Season 3, Episode 9 – “The Rains of Castamere”
    • Season 5, Episode 8 – “Hardhome”
    • Season 6, Episode 9 – “Battle of the Bastards”
    • Season 6, Episode 10 – “The Winds of Winter”
      All of those episodes got a total average episode of 9.9. However, “Battle of the Bastards” got over 150,000 rates which is the most number of rates for any Game of Thrones episode and by many considered to be the best Game of Thrones episode to date.

battle of the bastards

  • The episode that got the lowest rating is: Season 5, Episode 6 – “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”
    This episode got the lowest rating for an episode in Game of Thrones. Its average rating is 8.1. Very low for a Game of Thrones episode but still a great rating for a TV show.
  • The episode that got the most number of rates is: Season 6, Episode 9 – “Battle of the Bastards”
    This episode got a whopping number of rates. Over 150,000 users logged in to IMDB to rate this episode alone (true to end of 2018). Without a doubt, a great episode, a climax point of the show with a number of extras unseen before.
  • The shortest episode is: Season 7, Episode 4 – “The Spoils of War”. Total time of 50 minutes.
    While this is the shortest episode in Game of Thrones, its length is similar to most episodes in earlier seasons that ranged between 50 to 60 minutes.
  • The longest episode is: Season 7, Episode 7 – “The Dragon and the Wolf”. Total time of 80 minutes.
    It the first 7 GoT seasons, this is the only episode that was longer than 70 minutes. Funny enough, it is in the same season as the shortest episode of the series. Another thing we know about season 8, is it will have long episodes.
  • Total air time so far: 3,784 minutes.
    3,784 minutes equal to 63 hours, which equal to more than 2 and half days. Meaning, if you are planning to catch up all episodes before the first episode in Game of Thrones season 8, you should start watching Friday 6am if you want to finish before Sunday 9pm.

Game of Thrones binge

  • The episode with the most number of deaths is: Season 6, Episode 10 – “The Winds of Winter”. 11 important Game of Thrones characters deaths.
    Death in Game of Thrones is something of routine. Out of the first 67 episodes, only 10 didn’t have an important character taken away.

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Game of Thrones Complete List of Episodes

#Episode NameSeasonEpisodeAired DateRatingNumber of ratesLengthNum of Deaths
1Winter Is Coming S1 Ep1April 17, 2011926,507624
2The Kingsroad S1 Ep2April 24, 20118.820,303562
3Lord Snow S1 Ep3May 1, 20118.719,178580
4Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things S1 Ep4May 8, 20118.818,331561
5The Wolf and the Lion S1 Ep5May 15, 20119.119,300551
6A Golden Crown S1 Ep6May 22, 20119.219,141534
7You Win or You Die S1 Ep7May 29, 20119.319,530581
8The Pointy End S1 Ep8June 5, 20119.117,878594
9Baelor S1 Ep9June 12, 20119.625,371572
10Fire and Blood S1 Ep10June 19, 20119.522,429533
11The North Remembers S2 Ep1April 1, 20128.917,872533
12The Night Lands S2 Ep2April 8, 20128.616,753541
13What Is Dead May Never Die S2 Ep3April 15, 20128.916,586532
14Garden of Bones S2 Ep4April 22, 20128.915,932511
15The Ghost of Harrenhal S2 Ep5April 29, 20128.916,087552
16The Old Gods and the New S2 Ep6May 6, 20129.117,036544
17A Man Without Honor S2 Ep7May 13, 2012916,490565
18The Prince of Winterfell S2 Ep8May 20, 20128.916,222540
19Blackwater S2 Ep9May 27, 20129.729,382552
20Valar Morghulis S2 Ep10June 3, 20129.420,778645
21Valar Dohaeris S3 Ep1March 31, 20138.922,251550
22Dark Wings, Dark Words S3 Ep2April 7, 20138.720,120561
23Walk of Punishment S3 Ep3April 14, 20138.920,462560
24And Now His Watch Is Ended S3 Ep4April 21, 20139.628,991533
25Kissed by Fire S3 Ep5April 28, 20139.120,580574
26The Climb S3 Ep6May 5, 20138.920,451531
27The Bear and the Maiden Fair S3 Ep7May 12, 20138.820,927580
28Second Sons S3 Ep8May 19, 20139.120,424563
29The Rains of Castamere S3 Ep9June 2, 20139.980,945518
30Mhysa S3 Ep10June 9, 20139.223,867630
31Two Swords S4 Ep1April 6, 20149.127,671581
32The Lion and the Rose S4 Ep2April 13, 20149.742,891523
33Breaker of Chains S4 Ep3April 20, 20148.922,404574
34Oathkeeper S4 Ep4April 27, 20148.921,534550
35First of His Name S4 Ep5May 4, 20148.820,889533
36The Laws of Gods and Men S4 Ep6May 11, 20149.738,114510
37Mockingbird S4 Ep7May 18, 20149.223,029512
38The Mountain and the Viper S4 Ep8June 1, 20149.742,655522
39The Watchers on the Wall S4 Ep9June 8, 20149.635,174515
40The Children S4 Ep10June 15, 20149.735,114654
41The Wars to Come S5 Ep1April 12, 20158.623,691532
42The House of Black and White S5 Ep2April 19, 20158.620,656561
43High Sparrow S5 Ep3April 26, 20158.620,971601
44Sons of the Harpy S5 Ep4May 3, 20158.820,587512
45Kill the Boy S5 Ep5May 10, 20158.721,810570
46Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken S5 Ep6May 17, 20158.123,136541
47The Gift S5 Ep7May 24, 20159.123,906592
48Hardhome S5 Ep8May 31, 20159.981,096614
49The Dance of Dragons S5 Ep9June 7, 20159.535,962525
50Mother's Mercy S5 Ep10June 14, 20159.134,111607
51The Red Woman S6 Ep1April 24, 20168.633,475504
52Home S6 Ep2May 1, 20169.439,520545
53Oathbreaker S6 Ep3May 8, 20168.827,735527
54Book of the Stranger S6 Ep4May 15, 20169.229,889595
55The Door S6 Ep5May 22, 20169.759,777574
56Blood of My Blood S6 Ep6May 29, 20168.527,552521
57The Broken Man S6 Ep7June 5, 20168.726,772511
58No One S6 Ep8June 12, 20168.530,365596
59Battle of the Bastards S6 Ep9June 19, 20169.9177,145606
60The Winds of Winter S6 Ep10June 26, 20169.9122,9166811
61Dragonstone S7 Ep1July 16, 20178.743,935590
62Stormborn S7 Ep2July 23, 2017936,923592
63The Queen's Justice S7 Ep3July 30, 20179.338,055632
64The Spoils of War S7 Ep4August 6, 20179.874,088501
65Eastwatch S7 Ep5August 13, 20178.936,108592
66Beyond the Wall S7 Ep6August 20, 20179.153,277704
67The Dragon and the Wolf S7 Ep7August 27, 20179.553,425802
68WinterfellS8Ep1April 14 ,20197.8105,415541
69A Knight of the Seven KingdomsS8Ep2April 21, 20198102,726580
70The Long NightS8Ep3April 28, 20197.7180,600827
71The Last Of The StarksS8Ep4May 5, 20195.7133,752782
72The Bells S8 Ep5May 12, 20196.3155,118787
73The Iron Throne S8 Ep6May 19, 20194.3174,690801
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