Game of Thrones Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this page contain spoiler?

A: YES! This page, like the rest of this site contains many spoilers for what was already aired on HBO’s Game of Thrones. If you up with the latest developments of the show, do yourself a favor and exit the site now. We will understand.


Q: How many kingdoms are in Westeros?

A: There are 7 kingdoms in Westeros. You probably figured this out from this site name.


Q: What are the 7 Kingdoms of Westeros?

A: Here are the names of the seven kingdoms of Westeros and their rulers:

1. The Kingdom of The North (Ruled by House Stark)

2. The Kingdom of the Mountain and The Vale (Ruled by House Arryn)

3. The Kingdom of the Isles and the Rivers (Ruled by House Hoare)

4. The Kingdom of The Rock (Ruled by House Lannister)

5. The Kingdom of the Reach (Ruled by House Gardener)

6. The Kingdom of the Stormlands (Ruled by House Durrandon)

7. The Princedom of Dorne (Ruled by House Martell)


Q: Wait, Why is it called the 7 kingdoms when there are 9 of them?

A: There are two more kingdoms, The Kingdom of the Isles and the Rivers. The term Seven Kingdoms is from before Aegon the Conqueror united Westeros under one throne.


Q: How many seasons are there for Game of Thrones?

A: There are 8 seasons in total for Game of Thrones. Seven seasons were already aired and the eighth and final season is expected to be aired in 2019.


Q: Does the Game of Thrones series based on a book?

A: Yes. It is based on the book series A Song of Ice and Fire.


Q: How many books are there for A Song of Ice and Fire series?

A: There is a total of 7 books in the series. 2 of them were not released yet.


Q: What is the name of the books in A Song of Ice and Fire?

A: 1st – A Game of Thrones

2nd – A Clash of Kings

3rd – A Storm of Swords

4th – A Feast for Crows

5th – A Dance with Dragons

6th – The Winds of Winter

7th – A Dream of Spring


Q: Does HBO TV series Game of Thrones follow exactly the events in A Song of Ice and Fire?

A: It does in general but there are some events in the books that are not in the show and vice versa.


Q: Why is Jaime Lannister called the kingslayer?

A: Jaime is sometimes called “the Kingslayer” because he killed the king Aerys Targaryen (which was known as “Mad King” at that time).


Q: Why Jaime Lannister cannot marry?

A: He cannot marry because he is a Knight of the Kingsguard, and their vows state they cannot marry, or hold any land.


Q: Why do they call the men in the night’s watch crows?

A: They are called crows because they usually wear black outfits.


Q: What does Jon Snow know?

A: Nothing.


Q: What were the names of the Stark Direwolves?

A: The names of the Stark Direwolf and their owners:

Rob’s – Grey Wind

Sansa’s – Lady

Arya’s – Nymeria

Bran’s – Summer

Rickon’s  – Shaggydog

Jon’s – Ghost


Q: Which Direwolves are still alive after Game of Thrones Season 7?

A: Out of the 6 direwolves, only 2 are presumed to be alive at the end of season 7. Jon Snow’s Ghost, and Arya’s Nymeria (which wasn’t shown since the first season).


Q: How were the direwolves killed?

A:  Rob’s wolf died during the Red Wedding. Sansa’s wolf was executed instead of Arya’s wolf, which attacked Joffrey. Bran’s wolf was killed during the attack of the White Walkers. Rickon’s wolf was beheaded by the Umbers.


Q: Are The Direwolves From Game Of Thrones Real Animals?

A: Well, yes and no. There is no evidence that there were ever wolves as big as the ones in Game of Thrones. However, based on skulls that were found, some direwolves did occupy the world several thousand years ago which could get up to 5 feet long and could weigh up to around 200lbs.


Q: Who are the free folks?

A: The free folk are a race of people who live to the north of the Wall. Everyone south of the Wall call them “wildlings”.


Q: Who is the leader of the wildlings?

A: Mance Rayder is the leader of the wildlings. That is why is also known as the “King-beyond-the-Wall”. It just makes sense.


Q: How many castles are on the wall?

A: Altogether there are nineteen castles along the Wall. However, since the number of crows went down, the night’s watch couldn’t guard them all and abandon sixtenn of them, leaving only three: Castle Black, Eastwatch-by-the-Sea and The Shadow Tower.


Q: Who are the Children of the Forest?

A: The Children of the Forest are a mysterious non-human race. They were reportedly the original inhabitants of the continent of Westeros.


Q: Who built the Wall in Game of Thrones?

A: The Wall ws allegedly constructed by Brandon the Builder, the founder of House Stark, with the help of giants and the Children of the Forest.


Q: When was the Wall built?

A: According to the Westerosi myth, the Wall was built roughly 8,000 years before the events in the beginning of Game of Thrones.


Q: What is Jon Snow’s real name?

A: Aegon Targaryen.


Q: Which actor appeared in most episodes?

A: Peter Dinklage – 61 episodes