Game of Thrones Pop Up Cards

A well designed pop up card is like magic. When it is done well, the engineering that is put together to show you a 3D image when you open the card is usually amazing and magnetic. If you are looking for a good pop up card, Lovepop makes the best ones. They have large selection of designs for every occasion but obviously here, we will focus on lovepop’s Game of Thrones pop up cards. All of lovepop’s Game of Thrones cards are officially licensed by HBO.

There are many designs of Game of Thrones Christmas Cards and Game of Thrones Happy Birthday Cards. Naturally, those pop up cards can be used for those occasions as well. But we tried to find a more deeper meaning in each one of those one of them.

Three-Eyed Raven Pop Up Card

Three Eyed Raven popup card

The Three-Eyed Raven card as a black outside with a dark grey raven in its flight. When opened you will see the 3D three eyed raven we know since the first season. 
Most suitable occasion: A great card for any occasion for birds’ lover and/or Game of Thrones fan.

Golden Chalice Pop Up Card

Game of Thrones Pop Up card
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The outside of this pop up card displays a golden chalice with the Lannister lion sigil. Opening the card shows the golden chalice filed with red (Dornish?) wine. The card says the memorable Tyrion quote, “That’s What I Do, I Drink and I Know Things”
Most suitable occasion: Graduations – for those who know things. Or any other event that is celebrated with a toast.

Drogon and Daenerys Pop Up Card

Drogon_and_Daenerys popup card
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This Drogon and Daenerys pop up card has a black cover with red sigil of House Targaryen, a three-headed dragon. When you open it, you will see Daenerys Targaryen riding one of her dragons with flames coming out of its mouth. 
Most suitable occasion: Mothers Day. Because what says “Mother Day” more than the mother of dragon?

The Iron Throne Pop Up Card

The Iron Throne popup card
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This Iron Throne pop up card has a black cover with a laser cut iron throne with a sword running through it and the words “Game of Thrones” right below it. When you open the card, you will see the iron throne, made from thousands of iron (or paper) swords. 
Most suitable occasion: Someone who got a big work promotion. You know what they say, this chair comes with a lot of responsibilities.

The Night King and Viserion Pop Up Card

The Night King and Viserion popup card
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This night king pop up card has blue laser-cut image of Viserion’s eye. When you open the card, you will see the Night King rides Viserion. The dragon is breathing ice and standing above white and blue snow.
Most suitable occasion: Christmas card. Because when winter is coming, you know Christmas is just around the corner.

Weirwood Tree Pop Up Card

Weirwood Tree popup card
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This Weirwood tree pop up card card has light gray cover with a laser-cut House of Stark direwolf. When you open the card you will see the Weirwood Tree with blood-red leaves and sap. On the front of the tree, a face is shown with sap dripping down and a deep blue body of water in the left corner.
Most suitable occasion: Love or Friendship that is timeless like the Weirwood tree.

Euron's Ship Pop Up Card

Euron Ship popup card
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This Euron’s Ship pop up card has black cover with the sigil of House Greyjoy, an intimidating yellow squid. When you open it, will see highly detailed sail ship. The ship is black and has black sails with House Greyjoy sigil and it’s sailing in deep blue ocean. 
Most suitable occasion: Bon Voyage. A best wishes card to someone who is out for a trip. 

Game of Thrones Pop Up Book

Game of Thrones pop up book cover
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True. This does not qualify as a Game of Thrones pop up card. This is actually a Game of Thrones pop up book. And a really amazing one. DO NOT be confused by the fact it has “only 5 pages”. Each one of those five page is heavily loaded with details that were engineered to perfection. It includes not only major pop up locations in Westeros like King’s Landing, The Wall, Winterfell and more, but also tons of “mini pop up” like direwolves, swords, soldiers, white walkers and more. Those pop up are accompanied with insightful text that described the rich history of the Seven Kingdoms. The entire book with its 5 pop up pages is even opening up to one large Westeros maps. Perfect craftsmanship and engineering. Reading the book you will find your mind forming a dynamic reference guide to the world of Game of Thrones.  As George R.R. Martin himself said about the book “…huge fun… snag a copy…”