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Fatherhood, it’s not for everyone

Who is the worst father figure in Game of Thrones?

I just can’t get enough of this…

What does Game of Thrones have the most of?

Don’t quote me on this…

What is the most remembered quote from Game of Thrones?

Two glass of Dornish wine please!

Who would you want as you wingman/wingwoman for a heavy drinking night out?

Remember that time when…

What is the most memorable scenes of Game of Thrones?

I can’t get that scene out of my head 🙁

What is the most difficult to watch scene in Game of Thrones?

Shampoo, conditioner and hairdo

Who has the best hair in Game of Thrones?

Celebrity power couples

The actors who play Jon Snow and Ygritte got married. What other GoT actors couples we want to see?

You will always be in my heart…

Which dead Game of Thrones character do we miss the most?

Game of Thrones for life!

How did you become a fan?

See you later alligator…

Which character we were actually happy to see killed?

My precious

Who is the most beautiful woman in Westeros?

I want to take you home to meet my parents

Who is the most handsome man in Westeros?

Cool beans

What is the coolest sword name?

My friends call me…

If you were Daenerys, how would you liked to be called?

Wish upon a star

Who is the biggest star from GoT?

Trick or…

Halloween is Coming! What is the best Game of Thrones costume for men?

… treat

What is the best Game of Thrones costume for women?

I sure wish this chair had some lumbar support

Who should sit on the Iron Throne?

My house is better than your house

What is your Game of Thrones favorite house?

You bastard!

What is the best surname for a bastard?

Direwolf, Dragons, Lions and others…

What is the best house sigil?

Deaths, plot’s twists, twins special connections, this show is just getting better

Which season you enjoyed the most so far?

Location, Location, Location…

Westeros is such a great world. Where would you rather live?

And the award for most favorite Stark goes to…

Who is your favorite Stark?

Knock, Knock…

Who is the funniest character in Game of Thrones

I could watch it all day…

How many times did you watch Game of Thrones?

They call me Stinky Pinky because my pinky is stinky.

What is the best character nickname? (See other poll for Daenerys nicknames)

It’s conclusive. We like trailers.

Now that the Season 8 date is confirmed, what do you think of the trailers we had so far?

Clegane vs. Clegane.

Season 8 is expected to bring many glorious fights. Should the Clegane brothers fight each other, who would win?

Cat fight. Meow…

Who would win in a cat fight?

When you play the Game of Thrones…

Should Cersei die in season 8?

There are 100 ways to die in the Seven Kingdoms

What is the worst way to die?

Blonde Khaleesis have more fun

Will Daenerys look better as a brunette?

Come have a seat…

Who will be most surprising to see sitting on the Throne?

It sure got a lot of deaths in Game of Thrones

Who will be the first to die in season 8 from the noble houses?

which non-noble character will be the first to die in season 8?

Nothing deserve to be on the wall like Game of Thrones poster

Which Game of Throne season had the best artwork poster?

Game of Thrones party

How are you going to watch GoT Season 8?

If Game of Thrones was more realistic …

If Game of Thrones was more realistic ...

One Sunday night, after waiting more than 595 days…

What did you think about the first Game of Thrones episode in season 8?