Game of Thrones Drinking Horn

If there is one thing the world of Westeros is not short of, is ways to drink ale. Watching Game of Thrones you see characters drinking out of glasses, wooden cups, tankards, steins, leather bags and more. Therefore, it is not surprising to see the fellas in Game of Thrones using drinking horns. While might seems very unsanitary to drink out of something that was once attached to an animal, today’s drinking horns are actually safe. They are usually made out of ox that was properly treated in order to receive Veterinary Health Sanitary Certificate. Make sure the one you buy has that certificate, this is not something you would want to skimp on. 

Another variation of house Stark drinking horn mug. Includes the Stark engraving, a flat bottom to place on any surface and a handle.

An Extra large Game of Thrones drinking horn that holds approximately 20oz. Several different engraving available. Comes together with the hand of the king bottle opener.

This drinking horn is both artistic and drinkable. It is hand made from a combination of Ox horn and metal to provide a beautiful result.

Viking Drinking Horn with horn made stand, was created by Valhalla Vineyards. They are well known manufacturer of drinking horns and there are several other items from them in this list.  

The house of Stark sigil, Direwolf drinking horn mug. Great for any GoT fan and especially Stark fans.

A set of 4 pieces hand crafted natural horn cups. Each cup has 3 inches of polished brass trim. Great for parties. Has a flat bottom to properly place on a table.

This is a unique type of drinking horn and different than the rest of the list. It is made out of BPA free plastic and come in a few different colors and stands. Very suitable to those who would refrain from drinking out of a real Ox horn.

This AleHorn company is selling many different variations for drinking horn, some are Game of Thrones themed, some are not. With engraving or without, different kind of sizes and stands.

This Game of Thrones horn mug was made with top quality Ox horn and was thoroughly coated to be 100% Food Safe. Drinkware is completely safe to use and non-toxic. The outside of the drinking horn as Tyrion’s famous saying.

This Game of Thrones drinking horn comes with a leather belt holster that you can easily place on, surprise, your belt. Great for renaissance fairs and cosplay or whatever.