Game of Thrones Quotes

Over the seven Game of Thrones seasons that were aired so far, the show has provided us with a lot of beautiful moments to cherish and quotes to remember. The characters are very detailed and colorful and almost each one of them has something to differentiate himself/herself from the rest. The dialogs are sharp and full with one-liners and witty comebacks. The question what is the best quote in Game of Thrones is somewhat difficult to answer (although we try to take a stab at it at the end), so instead, less try to divide them into categories. Enjoy!

The most remembered quote in Game of Thrones

“Winter is coming”
Said by: practically everyone.
When: all the time

winter is coming

This is probably the easiest category with the easiest answer. While you might think they said it hundred times, if try to count how many times they actually said “winter is coming” you find it is just a hand full of times. However, this is clearly the most memorable line of the show, especially from the first season. In addition to being a famous quote, this also become one of the most popular lines in Game of Thrones merchandise.

The least father of the year quote

“I would let myself be consumed by maggots before mocking the family name and making you heir to Casterly Rock.”
Said by: Tywin Lannister
When: Season 3, Episode 1

Ouch… Tywin Lannister didn’t not spare on opportunities to show his son, Tyrion, how much he didn’t want him, and that is to say the least. In this scene, Tyrion asks for what he is entitled to by rules of those times, the house’s home, Casterly Rock.

Most inspirational quote in Game of Thrones

“Can a man still be brave if he’s afraid? That is the only time a man can be brave”
Said by: Ned Stark to Bran Stark
When: A Game of Thrones book (the show has the same quote with a little twist)

That is the only time a man can be brave

In this setting, Bran is asking his father, Ned, the question and gets his answer. Although it seems that Ned didn’t bother to pause and think about it, this is not a trivial answer. It has a lot of content in terms of what is expected of men (to be constantly brave) and how should a men react when he feels fear.

Ageless lesson in politics

“Power resides where men believe it resides. It’s a trick. A shadow on the wall. And a very small man can cast a very large shadow.”
Said by: Lord Varys
When: Season 2, Episode 3

This quote seems like it would never go out of style. It looks like throughout the times, there is always at least one leader, who casts a large shadow which people mistake for power and strength.

Most revengeful

“You’re going to die tomorrow, Lord Bolton. Sleep well.”
Said by: Sansa Stark
When: Season 6, Episode

Sansa Stark quotes

Man, did this show teach us about Hollywood endings. Every time we were in favor of a good, decent character (e.g. Eddard Stark) he was killed by an evil, deceiving character. The amount of torture Sansa had to suffer from Ramsay was hard to watch. That made this line even stronger and fitting. Finally, some justice.

The most clever quote in GoT

“It’s easy to confuse what is with what ought to be, especially when what is has worked out in your favor.”
Said by: Tyrion Lannister
When: Season 5, Episode 9

This quote can be easily detached from the show. How often do we mistake the thing that we should be doing with the things that we should do just because the things we are doing are working out just fine. This is yet another of Tyrion’s clever quotes that is true to any life at any time.

Most powerful

“I am your son. I have always been your son.”
Said by: Tyrion Lannister
When: Season 4, Episode 10

I am your son

This is, to my opinion, the most powerful scene in Game of Thrones. Tyrion dialog is remarkable and he should have gotten an Oscar for that scene alone. Tywin is on the bathroom stool (for a lack of a better word). Something that should have symbolized his weakest moment but he still remains strong and hard towards his son. Tyrion at this point had enough, but his last words show him as a boy, looking for his father’s approval. Powerful stuff.

The righteous one

“I’m not going to stop the wheel. I am going to break the wheel.”
Said by: Daenerys Targaryen
When: Season 5, Episode 8

Here she is, Daenerys, trying to show us that she is the right person to sit on the iron throne and rule the seven kingdoms of Westeros. Unlike most of the kings and queens, she admits that the system is the problem and shares her vision is to build something else, cleaner, more of the people.

The one that made you squirm in your chair

“Everyone is mine to torment.”
Said by: Joffery Baratheon
When: Season 3, Episode 10

King Joffery Baratheon was made out of pure evil. During is relatively short time with us, he was doing things that even caused his mother, Cersei, to disapprove. And that says something. This quote simplifies the essence of his evilness and made us say: “there something seriously wrong with this kid”.

The one that made you sad

“The Lannisters send their regards”
Said by: Roose Bolton
When: Season 3, Episode 9

The Lannisters send their regards

This famous Game of Thrones quote is part of one of the saddest scenes, in one of the famous, saddest episodes. Everything in this Red Wedding scene is so dark and gloomy. This is a twist in the plot that left everyone shocked. Probably the reason it is so sad, is because it is very unexpected and happened right when we thought things are finally going well for the good guys. Until this point, we didn’t have many reasons to hate Roose Bolton, but soon after, we very much despise him and his son.

The quote that made you laugh

“Stick `em with the pointy end”
Said by: Jon Snow
When: Season 1, Episode 2

For those who haven’t seen the first season since the first time they did, it is highly recommended. Doing it only as well as George R. R. Martin can do it, there are a lot of interactions between the characters in the early episodes, which after a second viewing become more powerful. This scene is such. While Jon says his farewell to Arya, he also gives her the sword, Needle along with the first lesson.

The one that made you sick

“The things I do for love.”
Said by: Jaime Lannister
When: Season 1, Episode 1

A quote from the first episode which also provided us some early hints about how the show is going to be unfold. While up until this early point we thought that there some lines that are not going to be crossed, we quickly learned that pushing a 10-years boy out of a 5 stories window is not one of those lines. And add to that the fact that Jaime says he is doing that for love for his twin sister makes this moment (and you) really sick.

The funniest quote of Game of Thrones

“You Know Nothing, Jon Snow”
Said by: Ygritte
When: many times

Jon Snow is a character that was developed slowly through the season. From a bastard, unwanted son, he becomes a key person in the plot while developing a lot of values we admire in our heroes like strength, loyalty, honesty and more. That is why it is so funny when Ygritte tells him he know nothing about nothing, which kind of make him, a puppy. This line quickly became one of the best memes that the show’s fan created. However, at the end, looks like he did know something.

Kit Harington And Rose Leslie Emerge

The most not politically correct quote

“Most girls are idiots.”
Said by: Arya Stark
When: Season 2, Episode 7

Arya was never the girly type girl. She was always looking to get into fights and playing with the boys. In this suspenseful scene, she is talking with Tywin Lannister, telling him stories that are part true, part lie. The thrill is reaching new levels as we certain Tywin will figure out who she is at any minute. When she says to him “most girls are idiots”, Tywin immediately release a short chuckle. That’s how you do it in a non-pc style.

The most romantic one

“Moon of my life – My sun and my stars.”
Said by: Daenerys Targaryen & Khal Drogo
When: Season 1

Moon of My Life – My Sun and Stars

Romantic, kitsch lines are not something that this show is known for. However, the unique relationship that was created between Daenerys and Khal Drogo was truly heartwarming. What started as a match made by a bother that pursued the crown, turn into a real love between two people that were a little out of their place in that world.

The most confused/confusing one

“Nothing isn’t better or worse than anything. Nothing is just nothing.”
Said by: Arya Stark
When: Season 4, Episode 10

A very confusing scene where Arya is trying to figure out the meaning of life? When she and the hound meet a dying man, she tries to understand his motives for going on. Nothing is just nothing. As simple as that. Hmmm…

The one that made you chuckle

“No need to seize the last word, Lord Baelish. I’ll assume it was something clever”
Said by: Sansa Stark
When: Season 7, Episode 1

Another powerful moment by Sansa. Dramatically different than the Sansa we saw in the first seasons. Lord Baelish was known as the one with the clever lines and comebacks. I guess Sansa had enough of it and basically said, talk to the hand.

The one that made you cheer

“A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell. And I’m going home”
Said by: Arya Stark
When: Season 6, Episode 8

A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell

Arya spent most of season 6 trying to become “No one”. It was painful training full with hard to bear tests. Finally, when her mentor, Jaqen H’ghar says she graduated with honors, Arya is saying that simple line that made you say, “hell yeah!”.

The one that made your skin crawl

“If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.”
Said by: Ramsay Bolton
When: Season 3, Episode 6

Pretty much everything Ramsay said or did made our skin crawl. It gotten into a point where you just see him comes up on the screen, with his disgusting smirk and you would know things are about to get ugly. When he caught and tortured Theon, he told him this line which pretty much sums up everything in Game of Thrones.

The quote that settled the score

“Tell Cersei, I want her to know it was me.”
Said by: Olenna Tyrell
When: Season 7, Episode 3

Tell Cersei it was me

We were kept in the dark in regards to who really plotted to kill King Joffery for a very long time. As in many twists in Game of Thrones, this one was also very unexpected. Olenna, that seemed to be very clam, pleasant, old woman, turned out to be revengeful, cold person. Guess that even in the high garden, being a queen requires some level of cunning.

The most optimistic quote

“When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.”
Said by: Sansa Stark
When: Season 7, Episode 7

When Sansa and Arya reunite in season 7 (after being separated since the first season), they have a few powerful dialogs and plays. It is very clear how they both grew and developed. While they still get on each other’s nerves, they respect one another better than before. This single quote shows how much Sansa as grown and how much she wants her sister by her side, as appose to sending her away like she used to feel.

The one that gave you that warm feeling

“The freedom to make my own mistakes was all I ever wanted.”
Said by: Mance Rayder
When: Season 5, Episode 1

The freedom to make my own mistakes was all I ever wanted

This is a not so famous from Game of Thrones made by someone who wasn’t a real main character, Mance Rayder. However, that simple quote is what makes it so special. The freedom to make our own mistakes. To error. To try. Probably something we all look for.

The snappiest comeback

Cersei Lannister: You’re a clever man. But you’re not half as clever as you think you are.

Tyrion Lannister: Still makes me more clever than you.

Game of Thrones could be easily called “Game of one-liners” or “Game of comebacks”. There are simply too many comebacks to mention here. It will also be very hard to try and say who has the best comebacks since there are really many characters with a sharp tongue like: Bronn, Tyrion, Cersei, Sansa, the Hound and more. We chose this specific comeback by Tyrion because the dialogs between him and his sister, Cersei are always full with mutual hate.

Bronn’s Funniest Quotes

Bronn is a colorful character. Doesn’t really care about hurting someone else’s feeling or being politically correct. Despite this fact, he keeps finding himself around royalty like Jaime and Tyrion. Here is 5 of his best lines.

Bronn quotes

“You waste time trying to get people to love you. You’ll end up the most popular dead man in town.” – Love, by Bronn

“I’m a sellsword. I sell my sword. I don’t loan it out to friends as a favor.” – Economics 101.

“Now, go drink until it feels like you did the right.” – Bronn helps Tyrion confronts his feeling after smuggling Sansa away.

“How did you make your journey from a sellsword to a knight? Killed the right people I suppose” – That is definitely one way to move up the food chain.

“Ah, look at these two shining warriors: Ser Teryn Mant, and, uh… Ser Whosit of Whocares.” Kind of reminds you Aretha Franklin’s R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Tyrion Best Quotes

If Bronn is the funniest, then Tyrion is without a doubt the most intelligent character. With witty lines and dialogs, every time you see him in a scene, you know it can be anything but boring. Tyrion had more quotable lines than we can mention but here are our top favorites.

“That’s what I do: I drink and I know things.” – Questions?

“It’s not easy being drunk all the time. Everyone would do it if it were easy.” – In a nutshell, set yourself with proper life goals.

“If you’re going to be a cripple, it’s better to be a rich cripple.” – Yep, rich, handsome and healthy easily tops poor, ugly and cripple. Just in case you ever have to choose.

 “We’ve had vicious kings and we’ve had idiot kings, but I don’t know if we’ve ever been cursed with a vicious idiot boy king.” – A quick lesson in the history of kings.

 “It’s hard to put a leash on a dog once you’ve put a crown on its head.”  – The ancient art of dog training.

I drink and I know things

The best Game of Thrones quote

“A mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone. That’s why I read so much.”

Can’t say it is the best, but that’s our favorite quote from the show. Simple, smart and to the point. Delivered by the master of dialogs, Tyrion Lannister.

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