Most Crazy Game of Thrones Merchandise

The unprecedented fandom to this great show created tons of Game of Thrones merchandise. Some of the items were “expected” like Game of Thrones Funko Pop!, posters, wall calendars, etc. But there are some crazy merchandise we don’t think the producers of the show or George R. R. Martin or anyone else thought that will be made. Here is a list of the most crazy Game of Thrones merchandise you can get.  

Jaime Golden Hand Silicone Oven Mitt

Jaime Lannister lost his right hand after making clever jokes while in captivity by the Boltons and had to wear it as a necklace. When he got back to King’s Landing, they made a special gold hand for him. Knowing this background story and thinking that this would make a good oven mitt is a pure genius/crazy move.

Game of Thrones Oreo Edition

The show that broke all what anyone ever know about TV shows is constantly reaching new heights. Now reaching new level of Game of Thrones merchandise with Game of Thrones Oreo cookies!

Adidas Game of Thrones Ultraboost Shoes

Big brands feed on great fandom. And we all know there isn’t a greater fandom than GoT. What is the connection between Game of Thrones and Ultraboost running shoes? Probably nothing at all. But Adidas aren’t gonna miss that blazing train.

Night King Shower Curtain

You have Game of Thrones posters on your wall, stickers on your computer, funny saying on your coffee mug. Now it’s time to add it to your bathroom. Crank up the hot water and take a shower with the Night King and Viserion.  Other types of Game of Thrones shower curtains are also available. Who knew it was a niche market?

The North Remembers Memo Notepad

One of the many great Game of Thrones quotes is by Arya after she kills the Freys. “… tell them that the north remembers”. What a great thing to make into a memo notepad. 

Game of Thrones Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew released a limited edition of cans for the eight and final season of Game of Thrones. When the can is warm or in a room temperature, it is solid white can with nothing on it. When it is chilled, it is showing the Mountain Dew and Game of Thrones logos as well as names from Arya’s list, which many of them are crossed out. It was very (VERY) hard to get your hands on one and now the only way is buying from someone who has it (like on eBay). 

Longclaw Sword Umbrella

Ever got caught in a heavy rain thinking to yourself “What I could really use right now is an umbrella with a handle that shaped like Longclaw”? Probably not. But since Longclaw looks cool and you can’t really walk around outside with a sword, this umbrella is probably a nice compromise.

Game of Thrones Herb Grinder

If you are a real fan of the show and want to take its sigils everywhere you go, you are not short of options, clothing, stickers and so on. However, having the Stark or the Targaryen sigil on your “herb” grinder is truly unexpected. 

Game of Thrones Ugly Christmas Sweater

We all know that when it is Christmas time, you will see a lot of people wearing those ugly Christmas sweaters. Hit them back with those Game of Thrones ugly Christmas sweaters

Game of Thrones Christmas Ornaments

Get your Christmas tree all dressed up in a Westeros style with those Game of Thrones Christmas ornaments. Nowadays, you can find them in unlimited options: glass, paper, wood, etc.

Game of Thrones NY Subway Tickets

Even in this list, this is one of the most unexpected connections. It is not really a merchandise but more HBO’s attempt to create and maintain a buzz towards the last season. There are 4 different metro cards features 4 memorable scenes from previous seasons. 250,000 tickets were created and loaded into the Grand Central Station in NY. That number might sound large but it is not even 25% of the people going through that station daily. In any case, the only way to get one of those now, is like with the Mountain Dew can, via resale markets, like eBay.

Game of Thrones Season 8

The idea of connecting the families in Westeros, Stark and Targaryen with Donald Trump 2016 election campaign slogan is unexpected, brilliant and funny. 

Make Westeros Great Again. I know what I am voting. Let’s see the Lannisters come up with a better one.

Game of Thrones Inspired Fragrances

We doubt that the people in Westeros smell good. It is actually very surprising that they have those fancy outfits, tight hairstyles and all of their teeth. Still, someone was inspired by the show to create fragrances. Lady Sansa, Khaleesi, Melisandre, White Wolf and more. Brilliant. 

Three-Eyed Raven Snow Globe

Snow globes were something you buy when you go on vacations or business trips. When you are back home, it reminds you of a place you or your loved one visited. For some unknown reason, that place was always snowy. Now it is more a collective items and people who collect it, have hundreds if not thousands of different snow globes. 

Throw Game of Thrones into the mix and you get the Three-Eyed Raven Snow Globe. Does it make any sense?

White Walker by Johnnie Walker

Unlike the other items which were completely unexpected, this one is both unexpected, yet at the same time, asking for it. Johnnie Walker’s tribute to the White Walkers. They even created special cocktail recipes like: Hold the Door, Army of the Dead, Night King Sour and more. 

Sigil Belt Buckle

Watching 8 seasons of Game of Thrones one thing is clear, nobody has a belt buckle. While most of the characters have belt, like Jon Snow costume, they don’t bother with a buckle and simply tie it into a knot.