Game of Thrones Armor, Shields and Helmets

It is hard to grasp the amount of effort had to be put in, in order to achieve the professional look of this once-in-a-lifetime show. The attention to details in creating each and every outfit was astonishing and undoubtedly what earned Michele Clapton the 2019 Golden Emmy award. While the main characters had their unique costumes and outfits, there were many other Game of Thrones armor, shield and helmets that were created with the same level of unique dedication and creativity. 

In the show, when the story required so, we were able to easily identify the character or the house. The Stark infantry had the great direwolf sigil on their shield. The Lannisters had their lion. The unsullied army had a complete unique and easy to recognize set of armor, shield, helmet and a spear. Other characters had “only” a specific part, like The Hound’s helmet.

Most of the Game of Thrones armor, shields and helmets we cover in this page are not toys and usually, not cheap. The price range can be anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousands. While you can still wear some of them, they are mostly considered collectibles. Check our section of Game of Thrones costumes reviews if you are looking for something easy to get and cheap.

Game of Thrones Armor

The Game of Thrones armor would be the most expensive piece to buy from the armor-shield-helmet trio. If you are planning on wearing the armor, it should be also VERY important that you make sure it fits you perfectly. As some of them are made from metal and are very heavy, it is something to take into account. Some of the armors options below comes with helmets. However, not many characters in Game of Thrones wore helmets during battles. While surprising, this was probably in order to achieve better looking footage.

Kingsguard Armor Set

This Kingsguard armor set was manufactured by Nauticalmart who specialized in creating all sorts of medieval armor and equipment for LARP and display. It comes with a display stand but also suitable for wearing. It has a sticker price of 1,500 USD. Probably only suitable for GoT fans who can afford it.

Kingsguard Helm

Another great piece from Nauticalmart. The Kingsguard helm is made from 18 gauge steel and constructed from riveted plates of antiqued brass. It comes with a wooden stand with a cherry wood stain finish. Price is $399.

Unsullied Armor

The Unsullied started as slaves in Astapor. They were freed by Daenerys and “invited” to fight for her. This Unsullied armor was made from genuine leather and according to the manufacturer, not intended for wearing but for display purpose only. This is an official Game of Thrones product. Cost – $700.

Unsullied Helmet

The easy to recognize Unsullied helmet. Made from steel and leather. It is a limited collectors edition with only 2,500 made. The stand has the Targaryen sigil. Average cost of around $450. While not cheap, it is definitely affordable.

Jon Snow had a few different armor sets during the show. We covered several options for the important ones along with the needed accessories. 

The arrogant then humble then arrogant again Jaime Lannister always had the most fancy outfits and armor sets. Check out his page to see the available options.  

Brienne of Tarth had mainly that one armor and it is not easy to find. We show how to dress out like Brienne in her costume page. 

The Night King armor or outfit is one of the most searched for villain’s costumes. There are a few options to get the armor in a very reasonable price. Check out the Night King costume page to see more details.

Knight Armor

Up front we can tell you this armor set is not from Game of Thrones. There is really nobody in the show that wore such silver armor. There are three reasons this armor made this list. The first, it actually looks like an armor a character could wear. Second reason is the standing lion that looks like the Lannister’s sigil. And the third reason is that unlike the previous options, this one is pretty cheap and costs less than $50. 

Game of Thrones Helmets

While we did cover some Game of Thrones helmets in the armor section, not all characters got to have a special armor, like The Hound. And those who still got a special armor in the show, weren’t popular enough to get it developed into an armor you can buy, like The Mountain. If you have your own costume and just looking for a helmet or whether you just looking for a helmet for display purpose, you can check the options below.

The Mountain Helmet

This is the first of the two helmets The Mountain wore after he was brought back to life by Qyburn. We see this helmet worn by Gregor Clegane in season 7 when his brother Sandor Clegane brings the wight to show Cersei Lannister. 

Another Mountain Helmet

That is the second option for the Gregor Clegane – The Mountain – helmet. It is made from latex and suitable for wearing as a costume. 

The Hound Helmet

It is only natural that following the two Gregor Clegane helmets will come the one of his brother, Sandor Clegane. Sandor was better known as The Hound because he always obeyed his master. That was true only in the first 3 seasons. And actually, while the nickname remained, the helmet didn’t reappeared. 

Loras Tyrell Helm

Loras Tyrell was Margaery’s brother and a very skilled knight. He was commonly known as the “Knight of the Flowers” due to his family sigil, the rose. This is a wearable fiberglass helmet with operable visor. 

Game of Thrones Shields

Game of Thrones shields are the last piece of the armor, helmet, shields puzzle. They are way less popular as a costume accessory and people who buy them, usually keep them as a collectible item for display purposes only. The fact that they are not as popular as other items, make the available selection very small. While we would love to see some additional shields like, Greyjoy’s, Bolton’s, etc. they are very hard to come by.

Stark Infantry Shield

The Stark Infantry shield is one of the most popular Game of Thrones shields you can find. It is the definition of “Not a toy” as it has the impressive diameter size of 27 inches and even more impressive weight of 12 lb! 

Lannister Shield

While this Lannister shield doesn’t have the exact shape of the shield they used in the show, it is still an impressive one. It is made from fiberglass and resin. Its dimensions are 31.5 x 19 inches and it weight 7 lb. Includes wall mount that can hold up to 3 swords.