Game of Thrones Goblets

In the show we see people drinking from all kind of things. The wildlings and the northerns usually drank out of drinking horns. The tankards and the steins are probably more Game of thrones merchandise than something we would see in the show. However, we do see many nobles drink out of goblets. Among the top goblet drinkers we have: Tyrion (of course), Cersei, Stannis and more. But most of the Game of Thrones goblets we are showing below are more collectible and merchandise. Hardly something that was show. After all it is not a Starbuck cup :-). Still their unique designs make them a great gift for any Game of Thrones fan (or goblets fan for that matter). 

Viserion White Walker Goblet

A limited edition and probably our favorite goblet of this Game of Thrones goblets list. This one is showing Viserion after becoming part of the undead army. The cup was carefully hand painted to give it a great chilling effect. 

Weirwood Tree Goblet

This is a “northern” goblet as it has the people of the north Weirwood tree on it. The Weirwood was meticulously created with its grey branches and dark red leaves. And of course, no Weirwood tree can be complete without a face crying blood. 

House Targaryen Goblet

The house Targaryen goblet was created with high attention to the details that symbolize this noble house. The three dragons: Drogon, Viserion and Rhaegal. The 3 headed dragon house sigil and the house motto: Fire and Blood. If you are a fan of the Targaryen, this is the goblet for you.​

House Stark Goblet​

This is one of the two goblets in this list that was created in the honor of house Stark. With high attention to the small details, this Game of Thrones goblet is showing the Stark house sigil, the Direwolf. The house motto “Winter is Coming”. The top of the cup was made to look like icy dripping out which is a very nice touch to this goblet because you know, the north is cold. A great goblet to house of Stark fan.

Winter Is Coming Goblet

The second of the two house of Stark goblet is more simple comparing to the previous one. However, simpler doesn’t mean less impressive in this case. This one is also showing the house Stark sigil and motto. It has less features which gives it more of a “clean” look.

The Seven Kingdoms Goblet

A Goblet of the Seven Kingdoms is how this goblet should be called. It is showing a the map of Westeros. And like the other goblets, has a removable stainless-steel insert so you can even drink from it.

More Game of Thrones Style Goblets

Royal Dragon Goblet

Dragon Skeleton Goblet

Lone Wolf Goblet

Swords and Dragons Goblet

Medieval Dragon Goblet

The Eye of the Dragon Goblet

Dragon Claw Goblet

In a show that has a strong dragon theme, we would have expected to see a lot more Dragon Claw goblets. In Game of Thrones, we mainly saw it when people were drinking in Dragonstone. Especially, Kink Stannis Baratheon and his entourage. 

I Drink and I Know Things Wine Glass

True, this is not a Game of Thrones goblet. It is basically a modern wine glass Tyrion famous quote “I drink and I know things” written on it together with the Lannister lion. However, it is appropriate to this list as this is one of the most sold Game of Thrones merchandise items.