100 Best Game of Thrones Merchandise and Gifts

It was clear from the beginning, Game of Thrones was set to be a success. A phenomenon like never seen before with adult rated TV shows. The story of the families fighting to sit on the iron throne and rule the seven kingdoms of Westeros captivated longtime fans of the “A Song of Ice and Fire” book series as well as people who never heard of it before. The high production costs, which were estimated around 5 million dollars per episode, didn’t make HBO turn away and the show lasted 8 seasons (season 8 is going to be aired in 2019).

Naturally, such success comes with an extremely large fan base and high demand for more and more Game of Thrones merchandise. Everything from replicas, Funko Pop!, collectibles, clothes, cookware, house décor and other memorabilia items.  Whether you are looking to buy some Game of Thrones merchandise for yourself or as a unique gift for a hardcore Game of Thrones fan, we got 100 (literally, one hundred) different cool ideas for you.

1.      Game of Thrones Characters Costume

Whether you are preparing for a Halloween costume party, fun role play, or even if you just like to sit on your sofa and watch the show as Jon Snow, there is an endless amount of dress up options for you. Obviously, the most popular costumes are Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. Choose your favorite Game of Thrones costume.Game of Thrones Costumes

2.      Hodor Door Stopper

Holding the door is a drag and in some cases can even be dangerous. Instead of reliving one of the most emotional scene in Game of Thrones, make sure you have the Hodor door stopper to help you keep the door closed (or opened).

Hodor Door Stopper

3.      A Trip to the Show’s Film Site

This is a really out of the box experience for Game of Thrones fans. The show was filmed in different places in Europe and around the world. Visit the actual Game of Thrones filming locations.

Game of Thrones filming tour

4.      Throw Blankets

When the snow falls and the white wind blows, it can be quite cold to watch your favorite show. Buy a fleece throw blanket with your favorite print and watch comfortably. available here.

5.      House of Stark Cufflinks

Dress up with style and show your loyalty to the house with those great cufflinks and tie-clip package. This set has the Stark direwolf sigil but of course, many different options available.

House of Stark Cufflinks

6.      Game of Thrones Mugs

Mugs are pretty much a domain of their own. With literally endless amount of options such as: quotes, inscribing, sigil, funny, heat sensitive and more. Just choose the one that fits your personality like this one of the Hall of Faces Mug that show the faces when you heat up the cup.

Game of Thrones Mugs

7.      Replica Swords

Owning Jon Snow’s Longclaw or Khal Drogo’s Arakh is not cheap but collecting beautiful pieces of blacksmithing is gaining popularity over the years. The two main websites that sale replicas of weapons from the show are HBO Store and Valyrian Steel. Both have quite large selection of handmade items.

8.      Longclaw Sword Umbrella

Collecting swords can be expensive and dangerous. In case you still want to own the Longclaw, you can but the officially licensed Longclaw Sword Umbrella.

Longclaw Sword Umbrella

9.      Game of Thrones Baby Onesies

Dressing up a baby with adult related theme is always cute. There are many hilarious variations of famous Game of Thrones quotes such as “Nap time is coming”, “I drink milk and I know things”, “Sorry ladies, I am in the night’s watch” and more. See the hand pick selection of our Game of Thrones Baby Onesies.

Game of Thrones Baby Bodysuit Onesie

Hangman Game of Thrones Game
Hangman Game of Thrones Game

10. Hand of the King Bottle Opener

It doesn’t really matter if winter is here or summer, you still need to open your beer somehow. This Hand of the King bottle opener opens caps as well as letters. It has a powerful magnet so you will never lose your hand. Hand of the King Bottle Opener

11. Game of Thrones Steelbook

Game of Thrones Steelbooks are special collector’s edition of each season. They are limited by number and include extra content and design. Truly a fan must. They are a little more expensive than the standard edition but still very affordable.

Game of Thrones Steelbooks

12. Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones

This Inside HBO Game of Thrones book is, as its name suggests, an amazing inside look to the making of the show with a beautifully illustrated book. This package includes scrolled maps, storyboards that were never seen before and much more. The book explains how the books became a TV show, the long process it included, interviews with actors and crew members and even a note from George R. R. Martin himself.

Inside HBO's Game of Thrones Book

13. The Hound’s Helm

The hound is one of the most interesting characters in the seven kingdoms of Westeros. The hound is a great warrior and a brother of another infamous character. His helm has a special design to it and this item is limited to 2,500 units.

The Hound Helm

14. Game of Thrones Funko Pop

The different options available in Funko Pop! are bigger than the land of Westeros. You can buy almost every character from the show and most of them even come in different options. Choose between Grey Worm, Melisandre, Night’s King, Ghost or any other from the hundred options available. A real Game of Thrones merchandise item.

Game of Thrones Funko Pop

15. Figures

While the Funko Pop have their own take of the characters, the Game of Thrones figures try to make it closer to the “real” thing. Usually around 7 inches high, those small artwork attempts (and usually succeed) to capture every little detail.

Game of Thrones Figures

16. “I drink and I know things” Wine Glasses

Add some class to your wine drinking evenings. Get wine glasses with quotes and references from the show.

I drink and I know things Wine Glasses

17. Pop Up Card

You simply wouldn’t believe the amount of details you see in those Game of Thrones Pop-Up Cards. Amazing paper craftsmanship which will surprise any fan.

Game of Thrones Pop up Cards

18. Insights Journal

When it comes to the show’s themed journal there are many options to choose from. It can be leather or hard cover but there is no doubt your notes and comments will have the respect they deserve in one of those journals. The “Valar Morghulis” is our favorite. This is a great gift to any Game of Thrones fan.

Game of Thrones Journal

19. Dornish wine

Well, getting a Dornish wine is probably not possible but there are a few people that make wine to match the strength the characters and the terrain of their kingdoms. One of them is Bob Cabral and you can find his wine on his website or in selected wine stores.

Dornish wine

20. Wine Stoppers

For those who open a wine bottle, Dornish or other, and need a stopper. Many options available, like house sigil, dragon eggs and more.

House Sigil Wine Stoppers

21. House Sigil Wine Glass Charms

You have the wine and the glasses, get the houses sigil charms so your guests could declare their loyalty to their favorite house, and also tell which glass is theirs.

House Sigil Wine Glass Charms

22. Ugly Christmas Sweater

A cool spin to the Game of Thrones ugly Christmas sweater you probably need to wear around Christmas time. Winter is coming and it is ugly. Who said Game of Thrones merchandise is only figures and swords.

Game of Thrones Ugly Christmas Sweater

23. Brain of Thrones

If you are looking for Game of Thrones quizzes, this is the ultimate quiz bank. With over 400 (!) questions from seasons 1 through 7, cover everything from general knowledge to specific topics. Your test begins, NOW!

Brain of Thrones

24. The Trivia Game

And if talking about trivia questions, this is the game to play. You can play this trivia/strategy Game of Thrones board game with 2 to 4 players. You can even organize the questions by seasons to avoid spoilers. Let the games begin.

The Game of Thrones Trivia Game

25. House Sigil Keychain Charms

Every house has a key. But now, every key can have a house. Whose house you wish your key to have? Stark or Targaryen? Lannister or Baratheon? Get your pick.

House Sigil Keychain Charms

26. Kitchen Cutting Board

Knowing that winter is coming is exciting. Even more exciting is knowing that dinner is coming. Prepare your next family meal on this Game of Thrones cutting board. Real wood, really funny.

Dinner is Coming Cutting Board

27. Longclaw Desk Lamp

Jon Snow and lord Mormont had to use an oil lantern. But it doesn’t make you any less of a night’s watch supporter if you use Game of Thrones lamps.

Longclaw Desk Lamp

28. House Sigil Tournament Banner

Don’t go into battle without waving your tournament banner to show in which house your loyalty resides. Comes with holes for easier hanging. Available for all major houses. Great officially licensed Game of Thrones merchandise.

House Sigil Tournament Banner

29. Iron Throne Toilet Decals

The iron throne comes with many responsibilities. You know what your real throne is.  Sit on it proudly as you turn this cold porcelain to the iron throne and rule like the king of the seven kingdoms.

Iron Throne Toilet Decals

30. House Sigil Coasters

Say hello to great looking coasters and entertain your guests with style. There are many options available. Choose from wood, wax, cork and more. Game of Thrones coasters can make a really nice gift.

House Sigil Coasters

31. House Sigil Magnet Set

Throw away those ugly repairman refrigerator magnets and start hanging important pictures and notes with a set of house sigil magnet.

House Sigil Magnet Set

32. GoT USB Flash Drive

Straight from the land of Westeros, a USB flash drive to holds your documents and files. Because keeping everything in those little rolled up paper notes can get really messy. Talk about unexpected Game of Thrones Merchandise.

GoT USB Flash Drive

33. Game of Thrones Playing Cards

Those poker nights can get a little boring after a while. You can use the playing cards with the GoT theme to spice it up a little bit. Just let’s see you keep your poker face when you hold a full Baratheon house.

Game of Thrones Playing Cards

34. Targaryen Herb Grinder

The herb grinder is a truly unexpected item for fans of the series. Show your love with herb grinder emblazoned with a sigil or a quote.

Targaryen Herb Grinder

35. Personalized Doormats

With a single personalized Game of Thrones doormat your guests can tell both what is your favorite TV show and which house you swear to. It doesn’t have to be only Stark or Lannister. It can just as well be Jackson, Smith or other.

game of thrones Personalized Doormats

36. Game of Thrones Video Game

Over the years, a few video games were released and some are about to be released. Those video games have different level of quality. While some are only mediocre or less, some are considered to be really good. Still, a Game of Thrones video game is a great gift for any GoT fan.

Game of Thrones Video Game

37. Iron Throne Replica

The Iron Throne is made out of hundreds of swords and according to whoever sat on it, known to be very uncomfortable. This popular Game of Thrones merchandise is a 7 inches tall replica made with high attention to details.

Iron Throne Replica

38. Game of Thrones Team Jerseys

It is very easy to imagine the houses as sports teams. The “Winterfell Starks”, the “Casterly Rock Lannisters”. This can look great as an imaginary jersey or even better, as an office league team uniform.

Game of Thrones Team Jerseys

39. Night’s Watch Recruitment Poster

A Game of Thrones poster to encourage people to join the night’s watch that was created with inspiration from the classic concert posters.  Join Jon Snow on the wall. Just remember, once you go black…

Night Watch Recruitment Poster

40. A Feast of Ice & Fire

Some of the food they eat in the show looks delicious, some is less appealing. But if you are interested in cooking a special meal, this is the official cookbook of Game of Thrones. The cookbook includes great recipes with delicious pictures.

A Feast of Ice and Fire

41. Game of Thrones Underwear

This is a surprising realm we didn’t expect the show to rule but we were proven wrong. What a great new way to secretly show your fandom to the show. If you tell people you are a Targaryen but really prefer the Lannisters, this is probably your best way to go. An interesting way to keep a Game of Thrones Merchandise close to your body.

Game of Thrones Underwear

42. Wall Calendar

Get your next Game of Thrones calendar in a seven kingdoms theme. Choose between different options of pictures of the characters, scenes, real filming locations and more.

Game of Thrones Calendar

43. The Wit & Wisdom of Tyrion Lannister

There is no doubt that Tyrion Lannister is the wittiest and most colorful character in this tale. With his funny and sharp one-liners, Tyrion quotes are spicing up the world of Westeros. This book includes a collection of his quotes along with some illustrations.

The Wit and Wisdom of Tyrion Lannister

44. Autographed Photo

Autographed photos are great memorabilia. You can get almost any actor’s signed photo or even George R. R. Martin’s. The signed Kit Harington is one of the most popular.

Kit Harington Autographed photo

45. Stark Shield Backpack

True, your day to day activities doesn’t require you to carry a round shield around. But you can still get your stuff into a Stark Shield Backpack. It even comes with a place for a laptop. Jon Snow wishes he had one of those.

Stark Shield Backpack

46. Westeros Transit System Poster

If Westeros had a public transportation system, they would probably get more things done. And if they did, it would probably look like this.

westeros transit system poster

47. T-Shirts

We could have made a list of over 100 great GoT themed T-shirts. The possibilities are practically endless. Quotes, graphics, house sigil, scenes, etc. The list just goes on and on.

stark winter is coming shirt

48. Targaryen Sigil Tie

Let’s say you are a business executive who admires house Targaryen, but you have to wear suits to work every day and can’t really wear T-shirts, what do you do? Well, luckily for you there is a solution. Game of Thrones neck ties with your favorite house sigil. Don’t stop the wheel, break it.

Targaryen Sigil Tie

49. Valar Morgulis Coin

Valar Morghulis (all men must die), answered by Valar Dohaeris (all men must serve) is a known quote from the show. Keep this Valar Morgulis Coin in your pocket just in case you find yourself in Braavos. You never know when you will be face to face with the faceless man.

Valar Morgulis Coin

50. A Song of Ice and Fire

There is no need to explain. This is the book series that started the amazing phenomenon. The book set itself comes in many different options including this beautiful leather-cloth-bound. It can be a great gift to someone who owns the standard edition.

Game of Thrones books leather

51. Dragon Egg Cookie Jar

What a better place to store homemade chocolate chip cookies than inside a large dragon egg. This large dragon egg is a great decoration item which is also very useful. And if you catch someone with their hand in the cookie jar, Dracarys!

Dragon Egg Cookie Jar

52. Game of Thrones Coloring Book

A perfect gift for any George R. R. Martin fan, this Game of Thrones coloring book features 45 illustrations and paragraphs from the series. A great way to pass the time until the next episode is aired.

game of thrones coloring book

53. Winter is Coming Wallet

This one is a great house of Stark sigil direwolf wallet. Let’s see someone going after your money now. If you are not a fan of the direwolf, there are also many other options available.

Winter is Coming Wallet

54. Game of Thrones Monopoly

The Game of Thrones Monopoly is the Westeros version of this classic game. Practically everything in this game was customized to give the feeling of the fantasy world. Choose a house and roll the dices.

Game of thrones monopoly

55. Dragon Eggs Salt and Pepper Shakers

This is a great kitchen set of salt & pepper shakers. They are shaped to look like Daenerys’ three baby dragon eggs. Drogon’s egg holds dark pepper, Viserion has the salt, and Rhaegal’s egg is actually a two piece toothpick holder.

dragon eggs salt and paper shakers

56. Westeros Wall Map

It is easy to get lost in the land of Westeros. Hang this Westeros map on your wall so you can always find your way when roaming in the seven kingdoms.

westeros map

57. Dinner is coming Grill Apron

You probably won’t be the king of the north but you can still rule your kitchen. Wear the Game of Thrones grill apron proudly when you prepare the feast (or a sandwich).

dinner is coming apron

58. House Sigil Shot Glasses

Drinking was always a major part of the way of life in the seven kingdoms of Westeros. Drink with style from shot glass decorated with sigils, mottos and quotes.

House Sigil Shot Glasses

59. Funny T-shirts

The great quotes and situations in the show provided multiple opportunities for funny T-shirts. Like the “Baby is coming” maternity shirt, “Winter is never coming” Texas T-shirt and our favorite, “Tell Cersei it was me” Olenna T-shirt.

Tell Cersei it was me

60. Dragonclaw Goblet Replica

Is there anything more dragony than drinking your favorite red wine from a dragonclaw goblet? This one is for the dragons who once ruled this land.

dragonclaw goblet

61. Game of Thrones inspired fragrances

While we really doubt the people of Westeros smelled good or even had a sense of common hygiene, this set of fragrances was put together in order to capture the essence of the characters: Melisandre, Lady Sansa, Khaleesi and white wolf (for Jon Snow obviously).

Game of Thrones inspired fragrances

62. Dracarys Lighter

Looking to light some fire? Why not do it as Daenerys does it? All you need is to shout the command Dracarys and to have this lighter.

Dracarys lighter

63. Dragon Ear Cuff Wrap Earring

Looks like a baby dragon sits on your ear but it only needs the traditional earring hole. Great for hanging out but even greater as part of Daenerys Halloween costume.

Dragon Ear Cuff Wrap Earring

64. Game of Thrones Board Game

This Game of Thrones strategy board game starts with each player has an army, money and other essentials to conquer the seven kingdoms of Westeros.

Game of thrones board game

65. Moon of My Life – My Sun and Stars

Those two romantic sentences could have easily come from a chick flick but they are actually the words Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen said to each other in their short time together. This set of bracelets is a great gift between any couple.

Moon of My Life My Sun and Stars

66. House Stark Direwolf Ring

A beautifully designed ring with the house of Stark direwolf sigil. There are ring designs for almost every major house in the seven kingdoms. Select the one that you relate the most and wear it proudly on your finger.

House Stark Direwolf Ring

67. House Targaryen Pendant

A striking three headed dragon pendant. Symbolize the house Targaryen sigil. This is a great item to complete a costume or to stand on its own as an everyday jewelry.

House Targaryen Pendant

68. House Baratheon Sigil Throw Pillow

Use those throw pillows as a decorative items or bring them into your dreams, the loyalty to the house is stepping up a notch.

House Baratheon Sigil Throw Pillow

69. Game of Thrones Music Box

A small cardboard Game of Thrones music box with the show’s title inscribed on the outside. When you turn the mechanical arm it will play the show opening theme. This is a really cute gift any receiver is guaranteed to appreciate.

game of thrones music box

70. Longclaw Letter Opener

This memorabilia is a unique Jon Snow’s Longclaw letter opener. Lord Mormont and Jon Snow usually got their mail attached to a raven leg. While you rarely use this method to send mail anymore, you can still open your envelops with some level of importance.

Longclaw Letter Opener

71. Magnetic Bookmark Set

You can still find a way to be close to your favorite book series even when you read other books. This is a set of 4 Game of Thrones magnetic bookmarks that includes colorful, powerful moments from the show.

Magnetic Bookmark Set

72. Winter Is Coming Direwolf Tote Bag

This natural cotton canvas bag can hold your groceries and show your love for the house of Stark at the same time. A Game of Thrones merchandise that is friendly to the environment and to the king of the north.

Winter Is Coming Direwolf Tote Bag

73. Puzzle of Westeros

This Game of Thrones puzzle is not a simple 2D puzzle. It is not even a 3D puzzle. This is a 4D puzzle of the land of Westeros. It includes 1,400 pieces, 65 buildings, 45 flags, 10 house sigils, 5 battle markers and more. The fourth dimension is a poster that represents the history of the land.

Puzzle of Westeros

74. Targaryen Purse & Handbags

Showing your support in the house Targaryen has never been more chic. Game of Thrones purse/handbag with the three dragons sigil of house Targaryen. Dracarys!

Targaryen Purse and Handbags

75. Westeros Wall Art

A beautiful, 5 pieces painting, stretched over a canvas. Shows the buildings of King’s Landing in the land of Westeros. Available in 3 sizes.

Westeros Wall Art

76. GoT Theme Black Vinyl Record Clock

A 12 inch vinyl record that was turned into a wonderful wall clock. 11 sigils are cut into the record amazingly. A beautiful gift for any fan.

GoT Vinyl Record Clock

77. Iron Throne & Dragon Eggs Bookends

Fans of the book series know how big and heavy those books are. Using a regular bookend is just lame. The iron throne and the dragon eggs are our favorite options for bookends.

Dragon Eggs Bookends

78. Game of Thrones Disc Ornament

A set of 4 officially license merchandise Game of Thrones ornaments. Includes: “Ours is the fury” for house Baratheon, “Hear me roar” for house Lannister, house Targaryen’s “Fire and blood” and of course “Winter is coming” for house Stark. A perfect gift for fans and collectors.

Game of Thrones Disc Ornament

79. Night King Shower Curtain

Here is another angle of Game of Thrones merchandise you probably didn’t expect, the Night King shower curtain with his newly acquired ice spitting dragon. The night king and the dragon don’t look anything like in the show but it is clear they weren’t meant to be and it is pretty cool.

Night King Shower Curtain

80. Direwolf Plush

Ghost is definitely the kind of animal everyone would want as a pet. He is loyal, strong, fearless and fierce. But, he is also not real. So for now you can settle for a soft and cuddly direwolf plush version of Ghost.

Direwolf Plush

81. Direwolf Wireless Charger

Here is a merchandise item we are sure George R. R. Martin didn’t expect and it couldn’t be more far away than the fantasy land of Westeros. A unique bamboo charger with the Stark house sigil direwolf engraved into the wood.

82. Iron Throne Room Construction Set

The McFarlane construction set is available in several different variations. You can choose to build Stark Banner, the Lannister Banner or this highly detailed iron throne room. This set comes with Joffrey Baratheon as the king on the iron throne.

Iron Throne Room Construction Set

83. GoT Clue Board Game

This is a GoT adaptation to the classic Clue game. Double sided game board allows you to try and find who is responsible for the murder in either the red keep or the streets of Meereen. There are 6 different suspects in each option. Don’t forget, you can always demand a trial by combat.

Game of Thrones Clue Game

84. Hand of the King Wax Seal Kit

If you have any interest in sealing your letters with wax, this is the kit for you. Write your message, light the candle and press. It will have the image of the hand of the king on the wax and you can tell if your message was written or not.

Hand of the King Wax Seal Kit

85. Game of Thrones Soundtrack

This could easily become top Game of Thrones merchandise. You can find Game of Thrones soundtrack from each season available in many different media format including vinyl for the audiophiles that roam among us.

Game of Thrones Soundtrack

86. GoT Knitting Yarn Bowl

This is a surprising gift for anyone who loves the show and also loves knitting (there should be at least a couple…). Ceramic bowl to place your yarn in that comes with the saying “Winter is coming, knit faster”.

GoT Knitting Yarn Bowl

87. House Sigil Plastic Cookie Cutters Set

This cookie cutters set is Officially-licensed HBO’s Game of Thrones merchandise. It includes house sigils of Baratheon, Greyjoy, Lannister, Stark, Targaryen, and Tyrell. No more gingerbread man shaped cookies.

House Sigil Plastic Cookie Cutters Set

88. 3D Dragon Wall Decals

Those 3D dragons are a fantasy spin to your home wall décor. You can get as many as you want and decorate your home like a real mother (or father) of dragons.

3D Dragon Wall Decals

89. GoT Inspired Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is the perfect time for GoT theme stuff. Decorate your Christmas tree with Game of Thrones Christmas ornaments that have saying like “Christmas is coming”, “Let is Snow” (with a picture of Jon Snow), “Ho, Ho, Hodor” or other kind of ornament that has figures from the show.

GoT Inspired Christmas Ornaments

90. Hand of the King Card Game

In this fast-paced card game you will need to outwit your opponents and in some cases, even backstab them, in order to win the hand of the king.

Hand of the King Card Game

91. Night’s Watch Oath Wall Banner

This is an officially licensed night’s watch banner. It includes the nights watch oath as we see the crows recite many times in the show. “Night gathers and now my watch begins…”.

Nights Watch Oath Wall Banner

92. Stark Direwolf Decal

Support the Stark fight with a high quality vinyl decal. The decal is available in many different sizes and colors to fit your car, motorcycle, laptop, mirrors and more.

Stark Direwolf Decal

93. The Science of Game of Thrones

If Hodor would go to a phycologist, how would he be diagnosed? Is it possible to create a wildfire? This book is attempting to question the events of the show and try to find real-world explanations.

The Science of Game of Thrones

94. Night’s King Full Head Mask

This is a full head mask of the Night’s King. It was sculpted by a professional special effects creator. The mask has the iconic blue eyes but also has eye holes that were strategically placed so the wearer can see. This is not a child toy, it is made with HIGH attention to details.

Night King Full Head Mask

95. Dothraki Language Handbook

Forget about learning Spanish or French. Dothraki is the way to do. Dothraki Language Handbook is 128 pages language guide plus a one hour audio cd that include hundreds of words and phrases and explanations. With this book you can understand everything is said in Dothraki on the show and more.

Dothraki Language Handbook

96. The Comprehensive Collection of Things that Jon Snow Knows

This notebook includes all the things that Jon Snow knows. It is very useful for understanding the different subtexts and politics not just of the show, but of life in general. If you want an example to what is included there, just remember what Ygritte told him…

Collection of Things that Jon Snow Knows

97. Game of Thrones Makeup Brushes

This is one of the best Game of Thrones gifts for women. It includes a complete set of 8 makeup brushes. The handles are made from a metallic alloy in shapes from the show like house sigils and hand of the king. Each one of the brushes can even be detached so the handle becomes a unique hairpin.

Game of Thrones Makeup Brushes

98. Van Gogh-ish King’s Landing

This is an art print of King’s Landing that was created to look like Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Get this unique interbreed between a famous classic oil painting and the fantasy world from a TV show.

Van Gogh-ish Kings Landing

99. Funny Game of Thrones Birthday Card

Those Game of Thrones birthday cards are a great add-on to the birthday gift. With hilarious sayings like: “the north remembers your birthday”, “the Lannisters send their regards”, “Cake is coming” and the classic Jon Snow’s “I may know nothing, but I know it’s your birthday”.

Funny Game of Thrones Birthday Card

100.         Tyrion Lannister Life-Size Cardboard

We decided to end the list with something surprising. Yep, exactly how it sounds like. This is cardboard, cut to the size of the actual actor, Peter Dinklage. Shaped holding a crossbow exactly like in that one famous scene. The image is made from a high quality picture and it is great attention center for parties.

Tyrion Lannister Life-Size Cardboard

That’s it, 100 different Game of Thrones merchandise items. When we started putting this list together we knew that there are a lot of items, but we didn’t think it will be that easy to create a list of 100 different memorabilia items. It would have been easy to 10 different hats, 10 different shirts, etc. But we decided to get to as many different items as possible. All of the items on this list are available to buy online.

Which one is your favorite? You have a good one that is not on this list? We will appreciate any comment. Contact us.